Siding, Windows & Doors

New siding is one of the most visible ways to give your home a makeover now and make it easier to sell later. Siding isn't just decorative - loose or cracked panels or shingles can allow entry for moisture and insects, leading to expensive structural damage. If you're thinking of new siding, your choice will likely result in a major upgrade in your home's appearance.

Modern home materials save money, look good and reduce maintenance.

Fiber-cement siding will not rot, warp or cup, looks handcrafted, typically comes with a 30-year warranty and needs no painting for fifteen years and then only every seven to ten years.

Cellular PVC trim looks natural and can be cut and shaped like lumber, has a 25-year warranty and does not need painting. Wood trim needs to be painted every five to seven years.

Fiberglass entry doors include insulating foam that is three times as energy efficient as wood.